How to fix Zhongshan waterproof junction box?

1. External direct screw (nail) fix

This fixing method does not require dismantling the upper cover of the junction box during installation, and directly uses the exposed installation holes on the base (usually lubricated round holes), and uses machine screws or self-tapping screws of suitable specifications to connect to the external wall, The bracket is the flat surface of the device. Its advantage is that it is more convenient to install and disassemble. At the same time, this kind of exposed device hole is designed on the blue-shaped shoulder (commonly known as the device), which requires a large space for the junction box, which also affects the appearance to a relatively large extent.

2. Internal screw fixing

Internal screw fixing is a widely used fixing method for general waterproof junction boxes. This kind of junction box generally has installation holes inside (in order to achieve its dustproof and waterproof purpose, the general installation holes are planned outside the sealing stop), and the installation needs First open the upper cover of the junction box, and then use suitable screws to pass through the device through holes and screw them into the external threaded structure. This installation method allows all the device screws to be built into the junction box (not visible from the outside), which takes into account the wiring equipment to a relatively degree. security, safety and beauty.

Zhongshan waterproof junction box

3. Use device hardware to fix

Some cast aluminum waterproof junction boxes do not have through holes for external devices at the four corners of their bases, nor do they have protruding bosses to facilitate drilling, but there are generally 4 to 6 screw holes at the bottom and are equipped with device pendants. In this case, the device pendant is now fixed to the bottom of the junction box through short screws, so that there are 2 to 4 external device points exposed (generally, the smaller box is only installed at the two diagonal points) The installation parts are enough, and the larger size requires the installation of 4 or more installation parts), and the following fixing methods are the same as the two methods described above.

4. Column support method is fixed

In some special occasions (such as agricultural irrigation, outdoor lighting, sewage treatment, etc.), it is difficult to fix the junction box by conventional methods without convenient attachment points (if it cannot be buried directly), generally these uses are underground. For wiring, it is possible to select the steel pipe at the end of the junction box for maintenance, the waterproof cable joint of the inlet and outlet to maintain the outer diameter of the steel pipe, lock the maintenance steel pipe through the tightening nut of the cable joint, and then connect the steel pipe and the junction box to form a structure. The whole is erected, and the lower end is poured with concrete. The maintenance steel pipe of this method not only plays the role of protecting the wire, but also forms a support for the junction box. In the use of the junction box as the control end, this is a highly recommended fixing method.

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