Zhongshan waterproof junction box: precautions for the use of waterproof junction boxes

Precautions for the use of Zhongshan waterproof junction box

1. The normal process of cable waterproof box device

After making the connecting tube, wrap it with a yellow ribbon. The undulation of the overlap is half of the bandwidth. The wrapping length should be cut by 150-200mm. The number of layers depends on the voltage level. Then surround it with J-20 self-adhesive tape on the outer layer, and the overlap is half of the bandwidth. The length of the yellow ribbon should be at least 100-150mm, and the number of layers should not be less than 6.

Zhongshan waterproof junction box

After the three phases are completed. Arrange them into circles, then wrap them into circles with self-adhesive tape as above, and wrap them with plastic anti-abrasion tapes. The length of the self-adhesive tape should be at least 150mm, and the number of layers should not be less than 3 layers.

2. Waterproof treatment steps for intermediate joints of low-voltage cables:

1) After the terminal is crimped, wrap the waterproof filler around the terminal. Shorten heat shrink tubing.

2) If it is a slightly humid environment, wrap the waterproof filling tape on both ends of the cable, and shorten the sheath (the two ends of the sheath must be glued).

3) If the environment is relatively harsh, it is necessary to use self-adhesive waterproof tape to strengthen waterproof

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