Transparent waterproof junction box manufacturer: copper wire connection of waterproof junction box

Copper wire connections for waterproof junction boxes

Single-strand copper wire connection of waterproof junction box: The connection of single-strand copper wire has two methods: splicing method and winding method. Wires with smaller cross-sections generally use the twisting method; for wires with larger cross-sections, due to the difficulty of twisting, the winding method is often used.

1. Splicing method. The waterproof junction box is connected in a straight line. When splicing, first twist the wires for 3 turns, and then wrap the two wire ends tightly on the other wire for 5 turns. Cut off the remaining wires so that the ends are close to the wires. When splicing, you can firstly twist the branch line on the trunk line by hand for 1 to 2 turns, and then use wire cutters to wrap it tightly for 5 turns, and discard the remaining lines. The splicing method of single-core copper wire includes direct connection and branch connection

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Second, the winding method. When the cable junction box is directly connected, first bend the two wire ends slightly with pliers, merge with each other, add an auxiliary wire of the same cross-section in the middle, and then use a bare copper wire with a diameter of about 1.5mm to wrap tightly around the wire and combined part. The length of the slit coil is about 10 times the diameter of the wire. When connecting branches, first bend the branch lines at right angles. And make a slight bend at its end, then combine the two wires and wrap them tightly with bare wires, the length of which is the same as the straight line connection.

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