Transparent waterproof junction box manufacturers: what accessories are generally used in waterproof junction boxes

Waterproof junction boxes are often used in construction sites, mines, cabins, outdoor electrical, communications, fire-fighting equipment, steel smelting, petrochemicals, electronics, electricity, railways, construction sites, mines, mining fields, airports, hotels, ships, large factories, coastal Factories, unloading docks and other equipment are one of the electrical wiring materials. So, what are the accessories commonly used in waterproof junction boxes?

1. Most waterproof junction boxes require openings. The openings should be based on the size of the cable and the number of cables. Generally, one cable is equipped with one cable connector or one cable is opened with one hole, or multiple cables can be opened with one hole. (with multi-hole cable gland).

2. The waterproof junction box should be equipped with cable joints, otherwise the waterproof effect will not meet the requirements.

Transparent waterproof junction box manufacturers

3. The waterproof junction box can not only be waterproof when the line is switched, but also install control components in the waterproof junction box in many cases, such as terminals, instruments, inverters, relays, etc. These products must be fixed in the waterproof junction box. , Some can be used with guide rails, and some have to be installed on a board, so the waterproof junction box should also be equipped with guide rails or a base plate.

4. The waterproof junction box is fixed on site. Generally, the waterproof junction box can be installed without any fixed accessories, because it has built-in mounting holes, but sometimes when the waterproof junction box is to be installed externally on site, it must be equipped with installation. Wall-mounted purchase.

Therefore, the main accessories of the waterproof junction box are: cable joints, terminals, rail guides, installation bottom plates, wall installations, etc.

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