Transparent waterproof junction box manufacturers: comparison between waterproof junction box material ABS and PC

1 How to distinguish whether the raw material of the waterproof junction box is ABS or PC? Now these two materials are often mixed, and in order to enhance the function of the product, different additives are often added, so it is more difficult to see from the appearance alone. . If it is a relatively pure ABS and PC product, it can be briefly distinguished by the rigidity of the product. The difference is the hardness of the junction box: ABS is softer, but tougher: PC is hard, but brittle. If you are not afraid of damage, you can also cut them off with a sharp object. ABS is easy to have traces, and PC is not easy.

2. What is the difference between ABS+PC and PC+ABS for engineering materials? ABS+PC alloy refers to the alloy material with the majority of ABS components, such as ABS80%+PC.20% alloy, similarly PC+ABS refers to the majority of PC materials The alloy material such as PC80% + ABS20%, which component accounts for the majority, the characteristics of the alloy are mainly based on the characteristics of this material, and a small amount of components are used to improve some deficiencies of most components. For example, adding PC in ABS is to improve ABS. The price of ABS such as impact resistance is cheaper than ABS+PC, the impact resistance is good, the heat resistance is slightly worse, the weather resistance is poor, and the gloss is good.

Transparent waterproof junction box manufacturers

ABS+PC material is just as literal, it is an alloy that is compatible with ABS and PC material, because PC material has the advantages of impact resistance, high gloss, natural fire resistance, and high heat resistance, ABS and PC alloy material also inherits PC's advantages. Compared with ABS, some characteristics have improved impact resistance, high gloss, fire resistance and heat resistance. However, the price of PC+ABS is also a lot more expensive than that of ABS, and the detailed selection needs to be determined by the customer's own needs.

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